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XP Metal Detectors, established in 1988 are a proudly French company based in Toulouse where all XP Detectors are manufactured. Now available in South Africa and Southern Africa through select XP dealers.

XP metal detectors are known for their innovation, high-performance and have quickly become the benchmark for metal detectors. Conceived by talented engineers in collaboration with a team of experienced detectorists, XP’s range of metal detectors are designed to meet the real expectations of demanding detectorists. XP products combine power, selectivity and ergonomics to strike the perfect balance between performance features!

The XP DEUS Metal Detector has inspired a new generation of metal detectors that offer a user-friendly design combined with optimal performance. It opens you up to a new detecting dimension, a deep, fast, light and fully wireless metal detector!

The XP ORX Gold Detector has enabled a generation of gold prospectors around the world with the means to afford a high-performance gold detector capable of finding the smallest of gold nuggets.

If you need advice on XP metal detectors, please visit our FAQ Page and watch our informative YouTube Videos. For additional advise we suggest you contact your local XP dealer, who will be happy to assist you.

XP Metal Detectors are distributed by AirDrop (PTY) LTD in South Africa and Southern Africa. Visit our Dealer Page to find an XP dealer near you.


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